Monday, September 5, 2011

#2 Skinny Love

I plan to be busy for the rest of the night so I thought I'd write a little post before Danny comes for his tutoring session. I didn't do too much today; I woke up late, went to uni and then hurried home only to have Tin cancel his lesson. I hate work ! It's probably the most annoying job ever. Strict parents, lazy students, lack of communication, incomplete homework and not to mention the odd hours are such a pain !
Then again, I shouldn't complain. It is much easier that other jobs in terms of physical labour but it's definitely prone to more headaches. And nonetheless, I need the money. France is drawing nearer and all of a sudden massive problems have arisen. Not only have I not been working a lot, my parents haven't either. It's such a nightmare. I have never wanted myself to say that I need money but it's becoming more important in my life. Perhaps I have simply 'grown up' but I feel almost disappointed in myself.
Anyway, I'm reconsidering France since I don't want to put my parents in a more difficult situation than they are already in. I have a dream but others have dreams too. Can't be too selfish, hey ?
Financial problems, admin problems, academic problems... I just feel like I'll never get what I want !

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